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I have been teaching courses in (business) economics, research methodology, and statistics since my graduation in 1998. I have taught at Maastricht University, Utrecht School of Economics, Munich School of Management at the LMU,and atBamberg University.


Most of the projects mentioned here are contract research projects. These are paid by the contracting authority. The main intention is not to have a scientific publication. Other projects are solemly scientific projects. These not sponsored by any contracting authority. Ideally, they lead to one or several publications in refereed journals.

Cedefop Skills Forecasting Project

The European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (Cedefop) has asked the consortium under the lead of the Institute for Employment Research (IER) to continue the forecast on future skills needs in Europe.

Core forecasting team


The demand forecast is produced for 41 industrial sectors (compatible with NACE rev 2.0), 27 occupational groups (based on ISCO08 classification) and three broad qualification levels (based on ISCED classification).

The supply forecast is broken down by five year age groups (starting from 15-19, 20-24, etc up to 65 and over), by gender and by three broad qualification levels (based on ISCED classification).

The forecast includes various indicators to identify potential labour market imbalances (skills mismatch). The results were produced initially for all EU Member States and Norway and Switzerland. For latest forecast covers pilot exercises were carried out for candidate countries Croatia, Iceland, Macedonia and Turkey.

Links: Further information & links at Economix site

The German Labour Market 2030

The German minstry of labour and social affairs has asked Economix to provide an analysis of future labour demand and supply by developing a new skills forecating model for Germany. The project should provide "regular, transparent and detailed evaluations about the future developments on the labour markets for Germany. To this end a forecasting model was developed together with a international consortium that consist of Institute for Employment Research at Warwick University, Cambridge Econometrics and ROA at Maastricht University that should identify future labour market imbalances and to suggest policies to insure sufficient qualified labour supply.

Links: The German Labour Market 2030 - A strategic view on demography, employment and education

Public Sector Pay

The study compares gross and net hourly wages in subsectors of the public sector using a common methodology across five European countries. The subsectors differentiate by main occupations and deals with the period 2003-2010.

The study was commissioned to SEOR by the Dutch Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations in 2012. Its main purpose is to compare public sect or wages between the Netherlands and a number of other European countries. The countries involved are France, Germany, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

Links: [English Summary] [Report (in Dutch)]

Vocational Education and Training

In collaboration with the BiBB, I am investigating labour market issues of vocational education and training. The first series of papers was in the context of the cost and benefits of VET. This aspect has culminated in several papers that compare Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

Current research investigates the instutional aspects of VET in Germany. An early part of the work has looked into the influence of works councils

Dynamics within the firm

Using firm level (administrative) data, I investigate personnel economics issues based on several data sets. I have worked with firm data from various countries and time frames.


Recent Publications

The following list of publications summarizes my output since 2010. A full list of scientific publications can be found at my REPEC pages. For more reports see also the reports at ROA or the publications of Economix Research & Consulting.


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A full list of scientific publications can be found at my REPEC pages